Transitions Lenses

So this is my second time working with Transitions lenses in conjunction with Eyeworks London. It has been a few years since our last collab but since then I have been a fan and a daily user. I have also learned quite a bit about the lenses.

Unlike traditional lenses, Transitions protect the eyes from UV rays within daytime light.
Transitions are photochromic prescription lenses which automatically adjust and darken to the surrounding UV rays within day/sunlight but then at night and indoors go back to being completely clear which is great.

The best thing about Transitions is when wearing them I don’t have to switch to my sunglasses when the sun comes out and I find this most useful when I am driving which is great. It’s like a perfect 2 for 1.

The lenses are available in four colours amber, amethyst, emerald and sapphire. They can be fitted on to any frames of your choice. I chose amethyst as I felt it goes with my current style and vibe.  I decided to go for a metal frame by Ahlem with the help of the guys at Eyeworks London. I like these frames as they complement the lenses and feel very smart clean and somewhat minimal which is great as they go with most things.

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