Hospitality at Twickenham Stadium

I don’t know about you guys but I do like to watch a good game of rugby now and then.  I have watched a few matches on tv in the past and just like most sports, it seems to capture a great energy and atmosphere given off by its supporters. I remember hearing about a rugby stadium based in Twickenham but that’s all knew about it back then. Known to many as the home of England rugby, Twickenham is the largest dedicated rugby union venue in the world seating an impressive 82,000 people which is special for sure.
As well as rugby matches, Twickenham stadium has quite a heritage as it was founded in the 1900s but it has also been known to open its space to music events and musical legends over the years such as The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, U2 and more.

So its obvious how great a lively atmosphere can be when going to sports events with thousands sharing memorable experiences and it’s even more special when surrounded by like-minded fans but there’s no better way to enjoy this time than with match day hospitality offerings adding the all-around premium touch to the overall experience.
Twickenham Stadium is an outstanding hospitality venue delivering unique official Twickenham hospitality packages supported by Keith Prowse hospitality services where you can book all hospitality experiences.
What makes Twickenham so unique is that it offers seven packages which each have its own unique facilities equally inspired the love of the rugby sport and the stadium’s heritage.
The facilities consist of garden bars with mixologists and live music, restaurants with four-course plated menus, street food grazing stations with roaming staff, lounges with semi-private booths serving champaign and ales, suites with terraces and more.

With all these great options it enhances the overall experience making your time at the stadium more special, luxury and more memorable with style.