My Athleisure Look

So I’m a big fan of doing exercise at home but I decided to join my local gym to switch things up a little. Over the last couple weeks, you guys could only imagine I have been on the lookout for new hoodies and joggers to wear to the gym in style.

I do have a few joggers lying around in my room that could wear with a couple of pairs from my sneaker collection, I’m sure you guys can imagine how my wardrobe is growing with leisure wear/loungewear but at this point but I’ve realised that I could do with a few more hooded sweaters. I never thought of the day I’d be saying this as there was a time where I would only be seen in smart wear/tailoring but it’s a little unrealistic to wear to the gym as I’m sure you guys know. I have recently been on looking searching high and low for some men’s hoodies to go with my gym wear looks and I came across Jack Wills website so I checked them out for for a few ideas. They have a great range of hoodies and sweatshirts in a variety of styles and colours.

My outfit is based around the athleisure trend but this my own take on it of course. I decided to wear black on black as I wanted to capture a sports luxe feel whilst keeping the overall ensemble extremely casual and relaxed. This was my aim as I believe it is important to feel comfortable when wearing leisure wear.

To finish off my look I add a black backpack and a pair of black and white sneakers to break it up a little as it can be easy to get carried away with the whole complete black on black thing.


Photography by Donya-Patrice (The Style Siblings)

IMG_8926 IMG_8971 IMG_8937