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A few months ago I was invited by KLM and South African Tourism UK to visit Johannesburg for South Africa fashion Week. It was myself, and three other bloggers who travelled together for this awesome experience!

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was founded October, 1919. Today they are one of the oldest airlines still operating to this day. KLM being merged with Air-France are one of the world’s leading airlines flying to hundreds of destinations around the world.

My traveling experience there was great. It was a quick and easy flight, and a great long haul experience! The aircraft’s flying from London and from Amsterdam were extremely spacious, comfortable and modern. I was a bit hesitant about a stop-over at Schiphol airport, but it was great to break up the journey slightly. If you haven’t been to Schiphol airport before, do go an visit as there is so much to do there!

I caught a flight from London Heathrow to Johannesburg via KLM’s Amsterdam hub, Schiphol Airport. We waited for a few hours before smoothly transferring to our next flight from Amsterdam to Johannesburg, which was roughly about 10 hours. I always enjoy flying with KLM as they are a great airline. With KLM you can fly from 17 airports across the UK to reach Amsterdam and their worldwide network.

We flew economy class and it was very comfortable with a huge choice of in-flight entertainment options. Lots of movies were watched!

Surprisingly enough a trip to Johannesburg with KLM could start from as low as £420 which is great value for money


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