Mazda Sprezza

Last week I collaborated with Japanese car maker Mazda, which is celebrating the art of individual style, ‘Sprezzatura’. The definition of this Italian term is “nonchalance, especially as a characteristic quality or style of art or literature” – a nod towards Mazda’s effortlessly cool image.

Similar to me, Mazda believe in creativity and strive to defy convention. The brand strongly believes in going against the grain, and they’re always looking at different ways of doing things. Mazda’s ideals and ethics are parallel to my own, which excited me about collaborating.

I had the opportunity to shoot with the new Mazda MX5, which is the world’s most iconic, best selling roadster. It’s both modern with classic elements: a super stylish motor that’s sleek and elegant from the exterior and interior.


Photography by Victoria Metexas