My Transitions XTRActive Lenses

So I’m sure you will know someone who owns, or at least will have heard of Transitions, the adaptive lenses that react to the sun to protect your eyes from bright lights. The brand, which has been around for over 23 years, has launched the XTRActive in two new colours: brown and graphite green.

I have the brown on a new vintage design from the Cutler and Gross archives and they look and feel great. The best thing about having transitions lenses is that they continuously adapt to changing light, enhancing everything that I see. Having transitions as prescription lenses means there is no need to replace my specs for sunglasses when the sun is out, as they tint within seconds without reducing my vision. They are great for everyday use, especially for when I’m driving as they are the first adaptive lenses to be able to tint behind the windscreen of a car.

Eyewear by Cutler and Gross exclusive to Eyeworks London

Photography by Gina Cusachs