Modern and Tasteful Men’s Bedroom Decorating Tips


Coming up with decorating ideas for a man’s bedroom isn’t always easy, as many want to retain a masculine feel but also benefit from style and comfort. There is also a lot to take into consideration when it comes to the bedroom, such as the flooring, the wall colours, lighting, furniture styles and more. You also need to think about the practical side of things such as storage when deciding on room decor.

The days of bachelor pads being adorned with satin bed sheets and bright red walls are long gone – these days it is all about the sleek, the modern and the stylish. Remember, this is a room that you want to be able to relax and chill out in as well as one that you sleep in, so getting the design just right is important.

Some design tips to help

There are a number of design tips that can help when it comes to creating stunning design for a man’s bedroom. This includes:

Choosing the right colours: When it comes to your walls and flooring, you need to ensure you choose the right colours. Opt for lighter, neutral colours as these are modern and stylish but will also make your room look bigger. Slightly darker colours such as toffee or latte are also ideal, as again they will enable you to create a stylish look without having to make your bedroom look un-masculine. For your floors, you can either opt for a neutral carpet or better still for wood or laminate flooring, which is both practical and stylish.

Selecting your furniture: The furniture you choose will play a big part in the overall design and look of your bedroom. Again, you want to find furniture that is sleek and contemporary such as wardrobes with frosted glass doors and leather bed frames such as those available from Bedstar. This type of contemporary furniture looks really modern and fresh but also adds style and class to any bachelor bedroom.

Lighting: While women may be into pendants and elaborate chandeliers the ideal choice for the modern man is built in spotlights. These look really great in any modern bedroom and they also provide you with plenty of light, which makes them practical as well as stylish. Many men won’t want things such as bedside lamps but having wall lights fitted above the bed is a great solution for when you don’t want the main lights on.

Another thing to think about when it comes to your bedroom is technology. Many men love their tech devices and gadgets, but you want to create a stunning bedroom not a games room. Opt for a plasma or LCD large screen TV, which you can wall mount, and relegate items such as your computer and games consoles to another room.