5 Trendy Looks For Men This Autumn

If you read The Autumnal Dandy, you’ve already seen some of my basic ideas for this season’s fashion concepts, as well as a few specific items. But while that post was more general, there’s still plenty to touch on in terms of autumn style specific to the coming months. For that reason, I want to point out five trends men should be looking into this time of the year.

GreySuit_11. Grey

I’m as tired of 50 Shades references as anyone else, but there’s just not denying the popularity of the colour heading into the autumn. So, try to ignore the inevitable references as you look to fill out your autumn wardrobe, and instead keep in mind that GQ listed this first among its nine menswear trends to master for this season. That’s about all there is to it: in any shade, with any pattern, and for any garment, grey is the dominant colour of the year.

2. Square Patches & Patterns

This is another idea that made the aforementioned list at GQ and defines a pretty wide range of autumn looks in the months ahead. It’s nothing new, really, because when the weather cools we begin to see some version of patchwork designs, usually in outerwear but sometimes across different styles of clothing. It’s simply that the trend is emphasised more heavily this season. Designed patchwork and checkered square patterns are showing up in shirts, jackets, and even knit sweaters, making these perhaps the premiere patterns of late 2015.

3. Cosmic Themes

Here’s one concept you likely didn’t expect to see, yet one that’s particularly unique to 2015. It sounds bizarre, but as pointed out by Telegraph’s list of must-have autumn items for men, various forms of cosmic influence have taken hold in designer collections. In some instances, this means graphic T-shirts with prints of stars, supernovas, and the like. In others, it simply means rugged bomber jackets that call to mind themes of aviation. It’s hard to say exactly where these ideas are coming from, though it’s fair to say outer space is a more popular topic in news and pop culture than it has been in many years; The Martian is expected to be one of the better films of the year, and coincidentally NASA has just found evidence of liquid water on Mars!

SiliconeWatch_14. Sporty Watches

Trends in wristwatches can be difficult to pinpoint and usually come down to something subtle. For instance, in a given year we may see a greater emphasis on leather or metal, or analogue vs. digital displays. Recently, the most noteworthy trend has been the movement toward smart watches. But purely from a style standpoint, sportier watches have been most noticeable of late. This plays into the smart watch movement to an extent, as many consumers purchasing these items are doing so largely with fitness goals in mind. However, Lyst’s look at autumn watches clearly demonstrates that the same trend extends to ordinary wristwatches. Casual, athletic looks and rugged, lightweight designs (think nylon and silicone straps) have largely taken over the market.

Fighter pilot with hat and glasses era, vintage 5. Shearling Jackets

This is a trend that was pointed out by Fashion Beans in a discussion on autumn outerwear, and it’s one of the more interesting garment ideas for the season. For those who may be unfamiliar, shearling jackets are all about exposed fur, wool, or cotton collars and inner linings. It’s a look that you often find with leather and suede jackets, though this season shearling is taking over a lot of different styles and materials to become one of the most prominent outerwear trends.

This should certainly give you an idea of some of the looks people are talking about. It’s a helpful list for those who like to be creative with autumn style, because it’s made up primarily of general ideas and guidelines, rather than super specific items or exact designs.