Apple & Cinnamon Tea by Tea Pigs

I have been a big fan tea over the last few years. It makes me feel relaxed at home especially when I’m working from home. I like a typical english breakfast tea but recently I have been trying some more interesting types of tea like, ginger and green tea combinations, coconut, lemongrass rooibos tea and some others.

One that stands out to me is the apple and cinnamon tea by Teapigs. When I came across this brand I was very intrigued by the packaging and I could smell the tea through the packaging which was great. It made want to try so thats what I did and I wasn’t disappointed. It has a natural fruity taste as it is made from real apple and cinnamon (natural flavourings). I like mine served hot with a bit of honey but you can also try

Be sure to head to your nearest supermarket to give it try.

Photos by Martell Campbell