An Evening In Argentona, Catalonia

A couple weeks ago I went to Barcelona, one of my favourite cities in Europe.

I spent most of my time in the city but I was staying in just the outskirts of the city in a village called Argentona which worked out to be roughly 30 minutes away.

Where I was stay seemed to be very warm, peaceful, quiet and relaxing which is what I needed after 14 months without a break from London.

I would wake up early everyday to go out and sightsee but this particular evening I wanted to take advantage of my my linen suit and my surroundings as it had been so long since I had worn it.

I couldn’t wait to get back into my classic sartorial summer attire.


Straw Porkpie Hat – by Bailey Of Hollywood

Cream Linen Suit – by J.Lindeberg

White Shirt – by Austin Reed

Vintage Green Stripe Tie  – by Austin Reed

Red Face/Green Strap Watch – by Paul Smith

Navy Floral Print Socks – by Paul Smith

Brown Brogue Shoes – by Oliver Sweeney


Photography by Gina Cusachs