Johnstons Of Elgin

I had the pleasure of visiting Johnstons of Elgin based in the Scottish countryside. These guys are the experts in cashmere and fine wool. Johnstons of Elgin has stood strong for over 200 years in textile manufacturing since 1797. Their mill is sat next to a river that carries only the softest Scottish waters and amazing scenery. You can imagine how they weave their beauty of the Scottish landscape into their products, from Scotland to the catwalks. They only source the finest and most luxurious fibres the world has to offer. It’s the extraordinary quality that gives their cashmere its enduring beauty.

The factory has a nice balance of old and new machinery, using traditional and modern methods such as spinning and carding machines. It was amazing to see the process and how some of the techniques have not changed since 1797.

As well as being shown around the factory, I also had the opportunity to meet the workers and designers and talk about the initial stages of productions through to some of the design process. My favourite part was the archive room that was full of old books containing hundreds of woollen fabric samples from the 1800s. This was great as I learnt about the history of the factory and of their earlier collaborations with the Brooks Brothers and other heritage brands.

The factory also had a shop and a cafe. The shop was full of the Johnstons of Elgin clothing, accessories, homeware and more. The cafe had an amazing menu with a variety of great tasting food. It was definitely one of the most inspiring factory visits I’ve experienced.