Smart Casual

With this outfit I’ve decided to experiment with different cuts and fits. I wanted to focus on creating a casual ensemble to what I would usually wear and show a more relaxed version of my personal styling. I call this post Smart Casual as it showcases a casual outfit but also includes accessories such as an Eaton collar shirt, woven tie and wingtip brogues that would smarten things up slightly. The focal point to my ensemble would be my wide leg chinos as they stand out. I picked these vintage Ralph Lauren chinos and had them altered. I had decided to keep the wide leg and add a thick turn-up at the bottom of the leg which I think works well. The difference between these trousers and typical baggy, loose-fit trousers is that these were altered to fit around a slimmer waste and flare out on the leg. They have also been cropped slightly, which instantly gives them a cooler more unique look.

To complete the look I’ve thrown in a denim waistcoat and a denim, double-zip jacket that I purchased in Japan. It’s a great layering technique and the double-zip feature works well if you want to show this off. Finally, I decided to top the look off with a baker boy cap rather than a trilby. Although the trilby is my favourite hat of all time, it’s good to change it up now and then. This cap is versatile as it can be worn smart as well as casually.

This look is great as an everyday outfit and best for casual outings.


Baker-boy Cap – by Brixton

Tortoise Shell Optical Frames – by Black Eyewear

Woven Tie – Vintage

Denim Double Zip Jacket – by Kato/AAA

Vintage Altered Chinos – by Ralph Lauren

Navy Argyle Cashmere Socks – by Paul Smith

Tan Wingtip Brogues – by Dr Martens