Groomswear – The Eternal Importance of the Pocket Square

The pocket square or the tie and handkerchief sets are immensely important within men’s sartorial style and on your wedding day you want to look as sharp as possible.

You’ve got the suit, check, the tie, check, and the shoes, check. You look great, probably the smartest you’ve ever looked in your life, but it’s not quite the top level, there’s something missing. You’ve forgotten your accessories. What you need is the classic pocket square or the other half of your tie set as previously mentioned.

Your pocket square handkerchief should always be silk, it gives a more luxurious feel and your big day is definitely a luxurious occasion. There are loads of ways to fold your pocket square from the lazy to the intricate and they all suit different events. The great thing is that they’ll all be fine and dandy for a wedding, you’ve just got to match it to your if you fancy a neat and angular finish to your pocket square then you need to go for the Peak, Corner or Triangle fold which all leave you with a neat point popping out of your top pocket. This was a common fold in the Jazz Era and looks sharp and snazzy whilst not being the most formal way to wear your pocket square.

The Straight fold is possibly the most formal of all of the folds and it’s definitely the most minimal and chic of the lot. It’s kept for black tie events with a usually white pocket square and the classic tuxedo. This is a really shallow fold and you should only be able to see half a centimetre of your handkerchief. If the Straight fold is too formal for your wedding, (this is likely as I don’t know how many people have black tie weddings!) the Unfinished fold is really similar but is a less structured version and makes the pocket square look more usable.

The Puff Fold isn’t strictly a fold, it’s simply a pinch and puff and you have a relaxed looking pocket square. This one’s great for casual jackets, business suits and printed pocket squares as it can be too distracting and flamboyant for black tie events.

The Four Peak fold is exactly what it says on the tin, it looks like a little collection of mountains, four of them to be exact, and is great for more formal events where you can be a little creative with what you’re wearing and you might want to draw more attention to yourself, so a wedding would be a great opportunity to rock this fold.

Hopefully this has been useful in helping you decipher the mystery that it the pocket square. Good luck and happy folding!