Oliver Sweeney X Christys’

By now I’m sure you all know I’m a big fan of trilbies, fedoras and bowlers. I believe that hats complete a gentleman’s outfit. I’ve collaborated with Oliver Sweeney on many projects over the last year. I’ve also had the opportunity to contribute great ideas. Earlier this year I suggested the collaboration with heritage hat makers Chritsys’. Established in 1773, Christys’ is a fine hat maker, founded by Miller Christy these hats have also been worn by Prince Albert himself. Christys’ have a reputation for producing classic headwear with a modern spin. They have collaborated with many designer brands such as Paul Smith, Hackett London, Margaret Howell and much more. I thought it was only right to suggest bringing both brands Oliver Sweeney and Christys’ together as they both derive from British heritage and have classic styles. Oliver Sweeney, a fine shoemakers since 1989 expanded their shoe range to be accompanied by fine accessories.

Being a hat and accessories collector myself, it was great consulting with both brands, providing my opinion and discussing re-occurring hat trends. During production, I was able to choose colour swatches and fabrics for the hats. Oliver Sweeney also had me design the grey trilby and named it Mr Flyy.

All three hats are unique.

  • The Mr Flyy grey, fur, felt trilby is an all rounder out of the range. It’s very easy to mix and match the neutral grey colour.
  • The Storrs navy, wool, felt trilby has a classy shape.
  • The Miller black, fur, felt, foldaway trilby is lightweight and features an open crown which allows for you to pack away and also opens to different styling options to wear.

For a modern gent that wants to update his accessories collection these hats are a great gift for this festive season.

It was a pleasure to work with both brands and I look forward to working with them in the near future.

Check out the all three hats HERE