Martell Campbell X Vincent Nappi III


I have always wanted to do work with an illustrator and to showcase a feature for I’ve decided to do so with talented illustrator and author Vincent Nappi III. Not only does he have such a dapper name but his work is amazing. Hailing originally from New York, Nappi is now based in Kansas City, Missouri which is where he creates his amazing work.

Nappi’s style is somewhat sketchy with thick brush strokes that add character to his finished pieces. His work creates a mood and ambience, which is depicted in a comic book style of artistry. Nappi illustrations portray a persons character and personality, this is translated through his images.

I had an opportunity to be a muse for Nappi. I thought his unique style would work well with what I had in mind. Nappi has produced three images of myself set with backdrops inspired by the streets of New York in the 1950s. The images feature dark lit streets with iconic looking restaurant fronts and old school cars. Nappi really captures the mood of his pieces and successfully represents my personal style, which is heavily inspired by the fifties era. It was great working together and I look forward collaborating with Vincent Nappi again in the new year.

Illustrations by Vincent Nappi