The Clive by Archibald Optics

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The Clive optical frames by London based brand Archibald Optics are a great addition to my eyewear collection. Not only do they compliment most items in my wardrobe but they also look great when accessorised with my hats. The Clive is an outstanding eyewear piece. Handmade in Japan, these glasses feature circular frames with a curved bridge made from the finest acetate. Just by looking at these optical frames you can definitely see and feel the quality.

The Clive optical frames come in four different colours. I had the pleasure of trying all four frames at home before making my final decision. The brand provides a “try before you buy” service which is great. I believe it takes a good amount of time to choose the right frames.

In the end, I went for the tortoiseshell frames as it was my favourite from the bunch although it was a tough decision.

Here is my latest outfit ensemble styled with the Clive frames. They add the perfect touch to modern classic tailoring.

Check out the Clive Frames by Archibald Optics HERE

Photography by Fashitect