Custom Tailored Suits: What To Consider

TailoredSuit_1For a lot of men – particularly young men buying their first expensive suits – the idea of a tailored suit is something of a new concept. Of course, we’ve all heard of tailored suits, and many understand the basics – but it’s important to recognise that there’s an enormous difference between buying a suit and having it tailored, and having a custom-tailored suit made for you.

For the latter, Ask Men has a fairly succinct lineup of tips and preparations to keep in mind. The article rambles a bit, but we’ve pulled some of the clearer points from it to provide you with a basic outline of considerations if you’re considering having a tailored suit made.

    • Once you choose a tailor, the first step you should consider is picking out a fabric. This will go a long way toward determining what sort of suit you have made, as well as how much that suit will cost. Your tailor will be able to present you with a range of options and prices, making it easy for you to make your selection based on your own preferences and budget.


    • When you’re being measured by your tailor (and make no mistake, a good tailor will be able to get flawless measurements in all the necessary places to make your suit fit beautifully), be sure to consider your own preference for fitting. If you shop for a tailored suit at Marks and Spencer’s high-end store, you’ll find suits “tailor-made” for certain fits – slim cut, wide shoulders, etc. Consider these sorts of factors when you’re being measured, so that you can tell your tailor if you’d like your suit particularly slim cut, or if you’d like it to fall a certain way in a certain place. Remember, he’s the expert, but the process is all about your customisations.


    • Once you’ve got the measurements out of the way, you’ll have to decide the specific style of your suit: how many buttons, two or three piece, double-breasted or single, etc. For many, this selection is just a bit of personal preference, but if you’re particularly fashion-conscious, you’ll want to do some research on what’s trendy. Check popular men’s fashion sources like GQ for an easy look at what’s popular.


    • Finally, you get to add a personal touch, and this is truly the fun part. You might want a special hidden pocket; you might want particular buttons; you might even want a border on the collar, or a stitched in initial or symbol if you really want to get creative with it. It’s entirely your call, and this is what will really set your suit apart!


These are the basic considerations you’ll want to have in mind when you approach having a suit custom tailored. It can be a pricey option but remember two things: it’ll be the best suit you’ve ever owned, and you won’t have to pay for a brand name! Good luck with your next suit!