My Golf Outfit Wishlist

Golf Clothing Post

I’ve never really been into sports but I’ve always wanted to play golf. Some of you may guessed, I have always been a guy that will take any opportunity to dress for an occasion. So when I eventually take the time out to play golf, I plan to wear an outfit like this. Don’t worry, I will be sure to keep you all posted when I actually swing a golf club.

Golf fashion has always been a little underrated, under the radar. Personally, I’ve always wanted an excuse to buy a pair of golf shoes, Argyle pullovers, and tartan check trousers. Tartan has been quite a hit this season, something that will never go out of fashion, similar to the Argyle print, which led me to my selection of golf attire.

Fashion tip: When making decisions on products for your wardrobe always think of the word ‘timeless’. Whether it be tailoring or sportswear, the pieces I’ve selected will not only be great for the sport but perfect to mix and match with other garments.

If you’re looking for great golf wear check out


1. Dark Brown Golf Titanium Belt – by Ukko

2. Wander Green Club Eagle Argyle Pullover – by Lyle & Scott

3. Cashmere Blue Golf  Thompson Oxford Shirt – by Tommy Hilfiger

4. Black/White/Purple Norbert Check Golf Trousers – by Galvin Green

5. Cool Grey Melange Club Eagle Contrast Toe Socks – by Lyle & Scott

6. White/Black Patent Golf Shoes – by Footjoy Icon