The Autumnal Dandy

So autumn is finally here! We’ve had a great summer in London, probably one of the best. But now is the season to make that transition from lighter fabrics to warmer and thicker knits. It’s time to bring out the wool’s, tweeds, herringbones and cashmere’s. The thing about autumn is that it’s quite mild in the daytime, but evening’s are more chillier.

This time of year is great as this allows me to bring out this seasons specials. With this outfit I was going for a vibrant look representing a classic yet bold, adventurous and confident type of guy. That being ‘The Autumnal Dandy’, a man unduly concerned with looking stylish and fashionable (which is me to a T).

Autumnal Dandy | Martell Campbell 1Autumnal Dandy | Martell Campbell 2Autumnal Dandy | Martell Campbell 3Autumnal Dandy | Martell Campbell 4Autumnal Dandy | Martell Campbell 5Autumnal Dandy | Martell Campbell 6Autumnal Dandy | Martell Campbell 7Autumnal Dandy | Martell Campbell 8Autumnal Dandy | Martell Campbell 9

Brown Medium Brim Trilby – by Tails Clothing

Red Woven Tie – by Tails Clothing

Lemon Woolen Waistcoat – by Tails Clothing

Brown Tweed Herringbone Blazer -by Gant by Michael Bastian

White Shirt – by Austin Reed

Red Print Pocket Square – by Oliver Sweeney X Martell Mr Flyy Campbell

High Waisted Check Print Trouser – Vintage

Cobalt Blue Socks – by Oliver Sweeneey

Tan Leather Brogues – by Oliver Sweeney

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Photos by Fashitect