They say ‘behind every strong man there is a strong woman’. In that case I have three, one of which goes by the name of Donya-Patrice, my sibling and creative partner.
You may have seen her around at the shows in London and New York. She definitely stands out amongst the crowd with her unique take on feminine meets masculine inspired chic.
Coming from a background of fashion design, textile design, modelling and styling Donya is now making a name for herself, which is catching the attention of big brands.
Behind the scenes Donya has played quite big a role in influencing the growth of Martell “Mr. Flyy” Campbell and the journeys of from assisting with styling, creative direction and design. I would like to exclusively introduce you to, whereby Donya will be showing you her world of fashion from interviews, brand features, behind the scenes and much more.
Check Her Out!