Art Comes First Presents: Coal

Art Comes First is a collective founded by Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, and as some of you may know these guys are THE menswear fashion moguls.

“The Coal” is the latest project that ACF have been undertaken and to say it is something that must be checked out would be an understatement.

The aim of the project is to examine the interplay between modern craftsmanship and it’s accommodation of genuine function.

ACF have invited creatives from all over the world within their network to help get involved, by collaborating on bespoke stylistic expressions of craft and function as they relate to each contributor’s individual design genre. 

The ACF new travel staples consist of: 

Eyewear – created together with Lotho’s Aroun Ducroix (Paris/Tokyo).

Hats – developed with Matteo Gioli from Super Duper Handmade Hats (Florence).

Shirt & Tie – produced with Sebastian Dollinger from Eton (Gaanghester).

Shoes & Socks – by the A.C.F. (London).

Scrapbook Journal – crafted with Kalaf Angelo (Lisbon).

Travel Bag – designed with T. Michael (Bergen).

This is a collection of “tools” that make for the complete travelling solution and is everything one would need in a bag.