Kiltie Your Sweeney’s

Last week I had the privilege of styling all of the 9 coloured Kilties with a selection of different shoes styles for the release of Kilties going in store over the weekend.

For those of you that don’t know, The Kiltie is a quirky fringe detail that you attach to your shoe. Its a great accessory that will add a whole new look to your Sweeney shoes.

I styled the Kilties with a mixture of casual and formal shoe styles all from Oliver Sweeney’s SS13 range. During this process I used both matching and contrasting options but it all depends on the shoe colour and shape.

I would recommend that every guy tries these out!

You can find the HERE at


Look: 1 – Picolit Brown styled with Dots Black and Dark Brown Kiltie.

Look: 2 – Salento Brown/Cream styled with Dots Dark Grey and Purple Lizard Kiltie.

Look: 3 – Aldeburgh Black styled with Lisle Purple and Black Kiltie.

Look: 4 – Abrahams Gaucho styled with Nile Cobalt and Tan Lizard Kiltie.

Look: 5 – Wickham Grey styled with Herriot Navy and Purple Kiltie.

Look: 6 – Parham Tan styled with Mission Black and Tan Kiltie.

Look: 7 – Abrahams Navy/Burgundy styled with Bless Black and Lime Kiltie.

Look: 8 – Abrahams Navy styled with Nile Navy and Red Kiltie.

Look: 9 – Piano Black styled with Nile Black and Black Lizard Kiltie.