My Canvas Journey

Converse Accessories have gathered together a select group of Instagrammers who represent the creative aspects of the brand – from television presenters, actors and designers to photographers, stylists and sound engineers – All have been selected for the interesting lives they lead and their inspiring Instagram feeds.

During the next 4 weeks myself the rest of the 22 chosen Instagramers will be taking part in a photo journey with the iconic Converse Canyon Duffel Bag, which will culminate in a one-off exhibition and photo installation documenting my very own story, work and way of life illustrated through my bag. Just like a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, my bag will take on the personality of myself, with unique scuffs, marks and customisations gathered throughout my journey which showcase my individual chosen path. 

Each journey officially started Monday 11th February. You can follow the progress of the 23 bags and individuals at

Head to Instagram and follow @mycanvasjourney, as well as each of the individual Instagrammers involved in the campaign.

And don’t forget to search the hashtag:#MYCANVASJOURNEY