How To Wear A Trilby Part – 1

Now you all know how I feel about hats, whether it be a Trilby, fedora, pork pie, bowler, homburg or panama. Gentlemen have been wearing these styles for hundreds of years and some of those hat manufacturers are still here to this day.

Which brings me to the Ambassador Hat made in England by Christy’s for who have been outfitting gentlemen since 1979.

The Ambassador is Made from 100% fur felt featuring a very narrow 2 inch snap brim. It comes in a neutral light brown with contrasting dark brown ribbon with a leather bounded edge on the snap brim which means this hat boasts quality compared to some of the modern wool felt fedoras out there.

So here I have put together a fashionable outfit ensemble. A smart, casual look that compliments the hat in a way that’s not too loud but still very attractive. Right now there’s nothing better than wearing a tribily with woollen polo-neck under a herringbone blazer with cropped trousers and leather brogues.

Overall my aim was to create an outfit that compliments the Ambassador hat rather than an outfit that matches with it.

This hat is truly a classic.

Stay tuned for “How to Wear a Trilby part 2″

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