The Santo Navy Derby Shoe by Oliver Sweeney

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Last week I was invited to the Oliver Sweeney Press Event and as I am a massive fan of the brand, it was a must that I attend. I was completely amazed by the store and by the products, so much so that I decided to write this post. The store showcased the AW12 collection and seeing all the products in all their grandeur made it clear that this is a brand that doesn’t compromise where quality is concerned. With that being said, let me introduce you to the Santo Derby shoe.

This amazing creation screams quality; made from Carli rub off leather and hand crafted in Italy. A navy shoe with hints of an even deeper blue, is the result of a technique used to dye the shoe leather. The outcome of the technique used is truly unique meaning that no two pairs will be the same. This shoe really does just get better and better doesn’t it!

The Derby will definitely age beautifully over time and is, what I would consider to be, a truly timeless shoe.  Oliver Sweeney shoes are moulded to fit the shape of your foot and you will always get the most comfortable experience whilst wearing them.  Well worth the investment if you ask me!

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